Automatic detection mechanism



The invention provides an automatic detection mechanism, which consists of a press wheel, a swing arm, a pulley, a support rod, a signal generator, a fixing bracket and a conveyor belt, wherein the fixing bracket is arranged at the front end of a machine cutter, and is provided with the swing arm, the swing arm is provided with the press wheel, the middle part of the fixing bracket is provided with the support rod, the front end of the support rod is provided with the pulley, the lower part of the front end of the support rod is provided with the signal generator, and the press wheel and the pulley respectively rotate on the conveyor belt along with the conveyor belt . The automatic detection mechanism is used for the automatic detection during the processed product transmission when the machinery products are cut, and is especially suitable for the signal detection when flaky material is transmitted to a cutting mechanism, the full automation of the product cutting is realized, and the processing efficiency is improved by four times.




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