Microbial electrochemical system for continuous culture, sampling and real-time detection



The invention provides a microbial electrochemical system for continuous culture, sampling and real-time detection. The microbial electrochemical system comprises a culture medium container, a peristaltic pump, a culture reactor, a gas cabinet, an exhaust and ventilation system, a computer and an electrochemical workstation. The microbial electrochemical system has the beneficial effects that the system comprises three pairs of parallel culture reaction chambers, and completely parallel contrast can be realized in electrical stimulation tests; continuous culture can be independently performed in the six culture reaction chambers, and different flow velocities and different electrode surface shear forces can be provided; gas-liquid closeness and chemical and biological pollution isolation are kept for a long time; culture solution sampling and electrode surface sampling are realized in an experimental process; with widely adaptive interfaces and modular design, a specific electrode or other parts can be conveniently transformed and loaded according to experimental requirements; the microbial electrochemical system mainly aims at microbes from ocean and is suitable for analysis of multiple biological samples comprising environmental samples and pure culture samples.




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