Pesticide for controlling rice leaf miner



The invention discloses a pesticide for controlling rice leaf miner, which comprises the following components in parts by weight: 3-6 parts of 40% diazinon missible oil, 3-6 parts of 50% naled missible oil, 2-5 parts of clove oil, 1-3 parts of scutellarin, 2-4 parts of hawthorn flavone, 2-5 parts of cyprodinil, 1-3 parts of potassium hydroxide and 3-6 parts of coumaphos. The pesticide is simple in proportioning and convenient to use, and has favorable control effect on leaf miner. The traditional Chinese medicine intermediates and pesticide intermediates are added on the basis of the traditional pesticide and mixed to obtain the new pesticide for leaf miner with favorable control effect, and the control effect is enhanced by 15-18% as compared with the traditional pesticide.




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