Perfumed soap having function of skin health care and preparation method thereof


  • Inventors: ZANG XIAOYING
  • Assignees: 臧晓颖
  • Publication Date: February 26, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-103602532-A


The invention discloses perfumed soap having the function of skin health care and a preparation method thereof. The perfumed soap is characterized by comprising 300-400 parts by weight of a soap base (which is selected from marketed soap bases having different fragrance types), 150-200 parts by weight of fresh aloe, 30-40 parts by weight of radix astragali, 30-40 parts by weight of Chinese angelica and 15-20 parts by weight of Chinese mugwort. The perfumed soap has functions of whitening, nourishing and caring the skin. The perfumed soap can remove dirt on the skin and protecting the skin simultaneously and can be popularized.




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