Safe electronic medical system for cloud storage



The invention relates to a safe electronic medical data management system for cloud storage, and the safe electronic medical data management system can be applied to the field of cloud storage. The safe electronic medical data management system comprises a cloud storage server terminal and a cloud computing terminal. The cloud storage server terminal is used for storing encrypt files uploaded by users, and generating and modifying a safe index for users to search, and dynamically updating encrypted medical data. The cloud computing terminal comprises a doctor terminal and a patient terminal, doctors and patients login the system through different roles in a website the patients need U shields to carry out identity authentication during login, and a user can login successfully and enter the website to have a look only when double factor authentication of a login password of the user and a data certificate of the U shield is passed. According to the invention, a cloud storage technology is employed to conveniently and effectively store and manage electronic medical data, and the confidentiality of the electronic medical data is guaranteed. A safe and effective electronic medical data search function and a dynamic update scheme are provided, and the scheme is an electronic medical data management scheme advantaged by safety, high efficiency, strong feasibility and good practicability.




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