Impact-resistant device of flash evaporator



The invention discloses an impact-resistant device of a flash evaporator and relates to improvement on the existing impact-resistant device of a flash evaporator. The impact-resistant device has a simple structure and can effectively improve impact-resistant cone connection reliability. The impact-resistant device comprises an impact-resistant cone, a support shaft and multiple connection steel angles; the impact-resistant cone is arranged right above the support shaft; the connection steel angles are uniformly arranged below the support shaft; the connection steel angles also comprises an elastic support mechanism; the elastic support mechanism comprises a support plate and a spring; the support plate is fixedly connected to the top surfaces of the connection steel angles; the support plate is provided with a central hole; the support shaft is removably connected to the central hole; and the spring is sleeved on the support shaft. The spring is sleeved on the impact-resistant cone and thus when slurry is poured into a tank, pressure is large and under the spring elastic effects, the impact-resistant cone is buffered so that rigid connection between the impact-resistant cone and the connection steel angles is avoided.




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