Inverted polymer solar cell and manufacture method thereof



The invention discloses an inverted polymer solar cell. The inverted polymer solar cell sequentially comprises a cathode, an electron buffer layer, an active layer, a hole buffer layer and an anode, wherein the hole buffer layer is made of phthalocyanine small molecules, such as copper phthalocyanine, vanadium phthalocyanine, or magnesium phthalocyanine. The invention also discloses a manufacture method of the inverted polymer solar cell. The manufacture method comprises the following step: (1) providing a cathode with a desired size; (2) evaporating the electron buffer layer, and spin-coating the active layer; (3) spin-coating the active layer with a solution containing phthalocyanine small molecules, and drying to form the hole buffer layer; (4) evaporating the anode to obtain the inverted polymer solar cell. The inverted polymer solar cell provided by the invention can reflect sunlight back to the active layer to realize sunlight reutilization based on the scattering and reflection effects of crystals formed by the phthalocyanine small molecules by adopting the inverted structure and using the phthalocyanine small molecules as the hole buffer layer, thereby improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar cell.




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